Borrowing Information

In order to make materials available to all patrons on an equal basis, the library will set policies for length of loan period, renewals, reserves and fees. The library will determine who is eligible to borrow materials and will provide for the return or replacement of such materials.

Library Cards

Who can get an Oswego Public Library District library card?

To be eligible for a library card, a person must be a resident of the Oswego Public Library District. Identification and proof of residency are required at the time a library card is issued. A parent or guardian may provide identification and proof of residency for individuals under 18. Children not yet in high school must have a parent or guardian present when the card is issued.

How do I get a library card?

Visit the circulation desk at either the Montgomery or the Oswego Campus.  Both desks are located near the front entrance.

What qualifies as Identification and proof of residency?

If you have a valid Illinois driver’s license or State ID with your current address listed, that is all you will need to provide.  If your license or state ID does not have your current address, Oswego Public Library District will accept the following along with your photo ID:

Acceptable Proof of Residency Documents

  • Utility bill dated within 60 days (electronic version accepted)
  • Rent receipt dated within 60 days
  • Mortgage documents
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Checking account
  • Bank Statement
  • FOID card
  • Lease

Please note that handwritten letters will not be accepted as proof of residency.

What if I reside outside the Oswego Public Library District boundaries?

Persons residing outside the Oswego Public Library District and not entitled to the services of any tax-supported public library may purchase a non-resident library card, which will be valid for the term of twelve months. Non-resident library cards shall be purchased at the closest participating public library in the school district in which the non-resident has his or her principal residence.

Non-resident homeowner fees for library privileges will be determined by applying the library’s current tax rate to the resident’s equalized assessed valuation, taken from the current tax bill. A copy of the current tax bill indicating owner name, property location, and property valuation shall be provided to the library for verification purposes.

Non-resident renter’s fees will be 15 percent of the monthly rent as the annual non-resident fee. The renter shall provide to the library a current rent lease with receipt or a cancelled rent check for verification purposes.

Can I get a library card for my Business?

Yes! Business Library Cards are available to businesses, governmental bodies, and nonprofit organizations that own or rent property within the Oswego Public Library District. The Business Representative, i.e. owner, manager, fiscal officer, or other senior administrative officer of the organization, can complete a request for up to 5 Business Library Cards.

Requests should include:

  • Business Library Card Application
  • A written request on the company letterhead
  • Proof of the location of the organization.  Acceptable documentation will show the organization’s name and address. This includes the most recent tax bill, business license, 501 (c) tax exemption, utility bill or lease agreement.

Please submit requests to the Circulation Desk or email the Circulation Manager at

The Business Library Cards will provide access to online databases and library materials. Business Library Cards will be valid for one year. The applicant, on behave of the organization, will have the same rights and responsibilities as an Oswego Public Library District card holder.

Can I use my library card from another library at the Oswego Public Library District?

Yes! The Oswego Public Library District participates in the Reciprocal Borrowing Program (RBP). Reciprocal Borrowers must present and register the card issued by their “home” library. Cards must be verified with your home library when service is initiated and verified annually thereafter for continuation of services. The Reciprocal Borrower will have the same rights and responsibilities as an Oswego Public Library District card holder with a few exceptions:

Reciprocal Borrower Exceptions

  • Limit to 15 DVDS out at any one time
  • No holds on materials
  • No ILLs
  • No eLibrary downloads
  • No remote access to subscription databases
  • No items from gaming collection

Oswego Public Library District cardholders receive first priority for all library services and programs.

How long is my Oswego Public Library Card valid?

Your Oswego Public Library District card does not expire as long as you continue to reside in the library district.  Services will be suspended for patrons, and guardians in the case of a child, until accounts are cleared under the following circumstances:

  • Patron has $10.00 or more in fines.
  • Patron has a fine more than one year old.

How do I replace my lost card?

You may replace your lost card at the circulation desk at either the Montgomery or Oswego Campus.  There is a $1.00 fee to replace it.

Loan Periods

There is a limit of 50 items that may be checked out per patron card. Among the 50 items, limit of 30 DVDs, 30 CDs and 1 Video game. Park District, Schools and other institutions may have a limit of 75 items.

Item Checkout Time Renewals
Books 21 days 2 renewals for items without holds
CDs 21 days 2 renewals for items without holds
Books on CD 21 days 2 renewals for items without holds
Current Popular DVDs 2 days No Renewals
Video games 7 days 1 renewal for items without holds
Hotspots 7 days No renewals
Launchpads 21 days No renewals
Rokus 7 days No renewals
DVDs 7 days 1 renewal for items without holds
Magazines 7 days 1 renewal for items without holds
Binoculars 7 days No renewals
Book Discussion Kits – Adult, Youth and Young Adult 42 days No renewals
Kits Varies No renewals
ILL material Subject to home library regulations Subject to home library regulations

Overdue Materials

A three day grace period is given for overdue materials, with the exception of DVDs, Video games, ILL’s, Rokus, Hotspots, Launchpads, Binoculars, Steam Boxes and Adult book discussion kits. Patrons will receive one overdue notice when an item is approximately one week overdue and a second notice at two weeks overdue. When an item is four weeks overdue, a final notice is sent. A charge equal to the replacement cost of the item is attached to the patron’s record after approximately six weeks. At this time, the item is deleted from the computer and returned or replacement items will not be accepted.


Lost card: $1.00
Lost/damaged AV cases: $2.00
Lost CD booklet: $0.50
Lost/damaged zipper bags: $5.00
Lost/damaged bag items: $10.00
Overdue materials: $0.20 per day except DVDs, Video games, Kits, Technology devices
DVDs, Video games, Kits, Technology devices: $1.00 per day
Lost/damaged security tags: $1.00 each

Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

Patrons are able to request ILLs from other libraries by asking a librarian to order the material or requesting materials via the Ask-a-Librarian form on our website.  A limit of 5 items can be requested at any one time. A limit of 3 DVDs obtained through ILL may be out per card at any one time.  Any ILLs that are coming from out of state will have a $3.00 shipping fee added.

The ILL process is very time consuming and costly both to the Oswego Public Library District and the staff that is kindly lending the material.  To that end, the following repercussions are placed on ILLs that are not picked up or are overdue:

1st time not picked up: Blocked from ILL for 3 months
2nd time not picked up: Blocked from ILL for 6 months
3rd time not picked up: Blocked from ILL for 1 year
4th time not picked up and subsequent instances: Blocked from ILL for 1 year per instance
ILL is 30 days overdue: Blocked from ILL for 6 months